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Merker / Bostalsee

Land-gut-Hotel Merker / Bostalsee S

Bosen, Hunsrueck, Germany



You are looking for a present for your family or friends? Therefor you can easily use the voucher of the gut-Gruppe, which can be purchased online. Please select the desired value a pay by PayPal payment service. You will receive the voucher by email as a PDF-file. Now you just need to print it and give it away. 


about the gut-Hotels

The gut-Hotels signify to the guest friendliness, good service, well-being.
We have a specific reference to the town, landscape and to the people living in the area. Freshness, regional commitment and nature are our strengths.

 Our slogan is: regional, menschlich, fair.


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Europe's largest computer magazine COMPUTER BILD has honored our website as a "Top Travel Website 2015" in the category hotel brand market. The award is based on an above-average performance in four sectors.



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