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Stadt-gut-Hotel Hövelmann

Xanten, Lower Rhine, Germany

The charming, personally- run city hotel in the heart of Xanten has been characterised for generations by its high- level Rhineland warmth ...

from 74,10
regular rate: 78,00
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Stadt-gut-Hotel Ambasadorski

Rzeszów, South-Eastern Poland, Poland

The town houses, in which the Stadt-gut-Hotel is situated, were built in the 17th century. They have been thoroughly renovated and restored. The hotel dominates in a respectable manner ...




Das Kleine Hotel garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Das Kleine Hotel garni

Weimar, Thuringia, Germany

Are you looking for a small, privately-run, non-smoking hotel in a quiet location and still centrally located? You will find it in Weimar ...




Stadt-gut-Hotel Siegboot

Siegen, Sauerland/Siegerland, Germany

The Hotel Siegboot and Tommis Restaurant has belonged to the Kahmer family for four generations. Since then ...

Filderhotel garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Filderhotel garni

Ostfildern, Stuttgart, Germany

The Stadt-gut-Hotel Filderhotel Ostfildern near Esslingen, a place of communication and a meeting point for business partners and friends from all over the world ...

from 87,40
regular rate: 92,00
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Großer Kurfürst garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Großer Kurfürst garni

Emden, East Frisia, Germany

The Elector Wilhelm the 1st of Brandenburg, also called the “Great Elector”, wanted to promote the national and the maritime trading in accordance ...




from 62,70
regular rate: 66,00
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Stadt-gut-Hotel Ertl

Kulmbach, Franconia, Germany

The Stadt-gut-Hotel Ertl is located at the foot of the Plassenburg Castle, centrally in the picturesque Kulmbach, over the ...

from 59,36
regular rate: 62,48
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An der Persiluhr

Stadt-gut-Hotel An der Persiluhr

Lünen, Ruhr, Muensterland, Germany

At the Persiluhr with its legendary image of the white lady people have met – and still meet in Lünen for centuries. Our family-run hotel is located ...

Haus in der Sonne garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Haus in der Sonne garni

Bad Harzburg, Harz, Germany

Our mansion, over a hundred years old, offers a special charm and ambience. Enjoy, unwind and recuperate in a very ...




from 40,85
regular rate: 43,00
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Fronveste - Das alte Knasthaus

Stadt-gut-Hotel Fronveste - Das alte Knasthaus

Meiningen, Thuringia, Germany

What would they tell us if the thick stone walls, battlements and cells could tell us...? From a "place of discomfort" in former times today ...

from 51,30
regular rate: 54,00
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Stadt-gut-Hotel Westfalia

Halle/Saale, Leipzig/Halle, Germany

If you are looking for a comfortable and modern hotel in Halle/Saale, you are at the right place in our Stadt-gut-Hotel ...

Baltic garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Baltic garni S

Lübeck, Baltic Sea, Germany

The Stadt-gut-Hotel Baltic Hotel in Lübeck is the right choice for everyone. No matter, if you have chosen the old town of Lübeck as holiday destination ...


from 56,05
regular rate: 59,00
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Hoffmanns Gästehaus garni

Stadt-gut-Hotel Hoffmanns Gästehaus garni

Thale, Harz, Germany

A lovingly renovated villa from the century before last invites you to a relaxing abidance. Here, you and your family can relax, enjoy the nature or explore the beautiful ...

from 43,52
regular rate: 48,36
hotel details

Stadt-gut-Hotel Hubertus

Rzeszów, South-Eastern Poland, Poland

We wish to invite you to our 3*** Stadt-gut-Hotel Hubertus in Rzeszow. It is located in a historical townhouse (completely enovated ...

from 36,63
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KomfortHotel Großbeeren

Stadt-gut-Hotel KomfortHotel Großbeeren

Großbeeren, Berlin, Germany

The Traditionshotel Großbeeren was built in 1994 just south of Berlin and affords since then the opportunity ...


from 89,00
hotel details
Rheinischer Hof

Stadt-gut-Hotel Rheinischer Hof

Essen, Ruhr, Germany

You will be staying at the heart of Essen, only a few steps away from the bustling shopping mile “Rüttenscheider Strasse" ...

Komoda Club Residence

Stadt-gut-Hotel Komoda Club Residence

Kalisz, Central Poland, Poland

Komoda is the perfect starting point for a sightseeing tour of Poland´s oldest city, as it is conveniently situated 450m away from Kalisz´s town hall. At your disposal is a car park, a restaurant ...

Parkhotel Obertshausen

Stadt-gut-Hotel Parkhotel Obertshausen S

Obertshausen, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The heart and soul of our hotel is our team. It is professional, qualified with plenty of commitment and idealism to provide you with the most pleasant stay ...

Goldener Adler

Stadt-gut-Hotel Goldener Adler S

Schwäbisch Hall, Württemberg, Germany

The Stadt-gut-Hotel Goldener Adler is located at the most beautiful market square in Germany, within the historic center of Schwäbisch Hall ...

Hotel TOPAZ Poznań Centrum***

Stadt-gut-Hotel Hotel TOPAZ Poznań Centrum***

Poznań, Poznan, Poland

Unser Hotel verfügt über eine perfekte Lage im Zentrum von Poznań, in einer von Grünanlagen umgebenen Enklave der Ruhe, in der Nähe der Posener Internationalen Messe, des Geschäftszentrums ...


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